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    Re: the deplatforming endgame
    By: MATTHEW MUNSON to All on Sat Jan 09 2021 10:43 am

    The left/progressives have more of a fascist groove thang than the right/conservatives right now. Soon they're going to ban non-progressives
    from banking apps, uber, flying, and credit cards. Many do sense the endgame. Think of Chinese Social Credit. ---

    You're literally calling the free market "fascist"

    According to the Supreme Court, corporations are people. people can do what they
    want. If you're going to say stupid things, I can kick you out of my house so I don't have
    to listen to them, nor do any of my family members.

    Unless you don't really stand up for those conservative or libertarian ideals?
    With the economy becoming increasingly cashless, people denied banking severely
    cripples one's living.

    Is AirBnB going to check your voter registration before deciding who can rent an
    apartment or home?

    Unless you are left of Nancy Pelosi they want to deplatform all the channels that are not
    CNN or MSNBC even though 33-40% of the population would rather watch something else.

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