• Treasure Shell 2005

    From Magic Man@VERT/PORTWIZ to All on Mon Apr 11 20:54:00 2005

    Created by Magic Man
    no extra .asc files
    Release date: After 3.12b is released

    I'm excited, This shell is not quite ready for release. It has cosmetic
    bugs and also i want to add few sweet features, But when it comes out
    people are going to not be able to comprehend its greatness.

    Back in the day, I wanted to make a shell that didn't rely on external
    menus that the shell supported everything. What the result was is a basic non-attractive looking command shell that wasn't very popular because it was geared alot towards wizards realm bbs.

    Today, my brain cells have multiplied at least 3 times and i have figured out a way to not only have a great command system, but also wondefull looking menus built right into the shell. In Synchornet fashion i have molded the menus to look somewhat Synchronetish, but nothing like Default.src.

    I am so excited about this command shell being stand alone, and also wonderfull looking, im at a point in programing it where i had to stop and post how i felt about it. The blood is rushing from my hands and tingling as i write this message with pure excitement.

    This shell will be solid as a rock when its released and the easiest shell in the world to install and use. Uh oh, now i have some expectations to live up too. See you soon!!

    magic man

    Synchronet Wizards Realm